Schlueter Harrow


Schlueter Harrow

What Your Seeds Need

The Schlueter Harrow optimizes the condition of your soil, giving your seeds a better chance to grow into your best yield yet. This system is proven to better emergence and enhance soil management.

How It Works

Mounted close behind your air seeder or drill, the Schlueter Harrow has flexible spring teeth, allowing obstructions to easily flow through while evening out planting depths in uneven or rough seedbeds. It allows a shallower planting depth, reduces erosion and crusting after rain, and keeps soil from drying out quickly in hot, dry weather.

The Schlueter Harrow is easily-adjustable, simple to use, and dependable. Our system will fit nearly all air seeder and no-till drills. Contact us at (815) 688-3051 to learn if it will fit your current equipment or how we can work with you to create a design that works best for you and your farm.

The Schlueter Harrow improves the chances of seed growth
because it:

  • Covers seed with soil and residue just after the seed is planted to improve emergence
  • Allows a shallower planting depth in most cases by covering the seed after planting
  • Leaves the seedbed level to reduce erosion
  • Reduces crusting after rains because there are fewer ridges to hold water over the seed furrow
  • Keeps soil from drying as quickly in hot, dry weather

The Schlueter Harrow is excellent for use in reduced tillage
or no-till farming because it:

  • Spreads residue uniformly over surface
  • Levels soil to reduce erosion and crusting after rain
  • Keeps soil from drying out as quickly in hot, dry weather

The Schlueter Harrow is your best choice because it:

  • Provides shallow coverage of small seed crops such as alfalfa or grasses
  • Evens out planting depth in uneven or rough seedbeds
  • Deposits less trash on ends when drill is raised
  • Has flexible spring teeth to allow obstructions to flow through
  • Can be easily mounted close to the drill for less interference when filling drill
  • Uses a simple design for fewer problems and lower cost
  • Is easily adjustable
  • Has been proven in over a decade of field use
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Download the Schlueter Harrow Manuals

Have questions? View the most frequently asked questions about the Schlueter Harrow and our answers below. If you have additional questions, please contact us today.

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The Schlueter Harrow also fits some models of CaseIH, Tye and Yetter Drills!


Schlueter Harrow Frequently Asked Questions: