Farmer Built, Tested, and Approved

When you buy from Vulcan Equipment, you're making an investment in your farm and your farm's soil. Our products are proven assets for the hundreds of farms throughout the U.S. that are using them to improve their soil and increase their farm's revenue.  

Vulcan Equipment is a Central-Illinois based manufacturing and sales group, founded and operated by lifelong farmers. With over 100 years of combined farming experience on our team, Vulcan Equipment designs, manufactures, and tests products that are built specifically to make the job of farmers easier and more profitable. When ready for use on your farm, we work with our network of dealers to make our products available to you.  


ZoneMaster is the strip-till farmer's best friend. It will give you flexibility in managing your soil and serve as a durable tool that helps you get the most out of each season. ZoneMaster is built tough enough to withstand heavy use and create brand new strips in the spring. Additionally, it can be used to freshen fall strips in the spring through the use of vertical tillage.  

Available options and add-ons include:  

  • Air compressor kit for adjustable down pressure 
  • Custom toolbar and row units 
  • Individual row units for mounting on your own toolbar 
  • Optional liquid fertilizing kit  
  • Dry Fertilizer application kit
  • Mounting hardware for CleanSweep®

Schlueter Harrow

Tested for in-field use for over 15 years, the Schlueter Harrow improves the chances and uniformity of seed growth through seed-to-soil contact, along with soil and planting condition optimization such as leveling the soil. Our system is shown to improve emergence and soil management when used behind your seeder, allowing a shallower planting depth and reducing erosion and crusting after rain.

The Schlueter Harrow is easily-adjustable, simple to use, and dependable, meaning you will avoid the majority of problems and maintenance costs associated with other tools.

The Schlueter Harrow system will fit nearly all air seeder and no-till drills. Contact us at (815) 688-3051 to learn if it will fit your current equipment or how we can work with you to create a design that works best for you and your farm.


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