Master Your Strips. Improve Your Soil. Increase Your Yield.

The ZoneMaster, designed by strip-till farmers for strip-till farmers, is not just another strip freshener. Designed and created tough enough to create optimal spring strips or provide fall residue management, Vulcan Equipment's ZoneMaster uses vertical tillage to create an optimal planting atmosphere. Able to be pulled at speeds up to 13 miles per hour, ZoneMaster allows you to cover many acres in a short amount of time.

How It Works

ZoneMaster uses parallel linkages to the row unit allowing it to conform to irregularities in the ground, and to increase flexibility. This results in accurate individual row unit depth control. The adjustable rolling baskets act as gauge wheels to keep the coulters at the desired depth. The ZoneMaster also has adjustable air bags that make optimizing down-pressure quick and easy.

Available options and add-ons include:

  • Air compressor kit for adjustable down pressure
  • Custom toolbar and row units
  • Individual row units for mounting on your own toolbar
  • Optional liquid fertilizing kit
  • Optional Schlueter Harrow attachment to further improve the benefits of ZoneMaster

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Series 1 Owner's Manual Series 2 Owner's Manual

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