"We used the zone master for the first time in a wet spring.  The freshener did a great job of leveling out our strip made in the fall.  The units also help us get in the field a day or two earlier because of how wet we were.  We are very happy with the Zonemaster. It does a nice job."

Jim St. Peter – Gilman IL

“I’ve been no-tilling soybeans for about 20 years with a John Deere 750 drill.  During that time, I’ve noticed that beans sometimes had issues coming up due to crusting.  After research on the internet and farm magazines, I made a choice to use the Schlueter Harrow.

Vulcan advertisements described the Schlueter Harrow as easy to setup and easy to use and it would fit on a John Deere 750 20 foot no-till drill with no modifications to the drill or the harrow.  Vulcan also advertised that the Schlueter Harrow would break-up the existing crust and prevent future crusting.  All of these advertised items were what I was looking for in a drill connected harrow.

I called Vulcan and talked to Christie Todd about the price and availability of the harrow.  She provided the price to me over the phone and said the Schlueter Harrow could be shipped immediately. Christie provided excellent customer service and had the harrow on my farm in about a week.

All of the advertised items were true.  It took less than 4 hours to install the harrow onto my drill and the setup are fast and easy.  As I planted the harrow broke up the surface crust and no problems were encountered in dragging any residue.  I was very happy with the results and Vulcan Equipment and Christie Todd were a pleasure to work with.”

Art Kurtze - Carson City MI

"We have been using the Zonemaster since it's introduction. I have been strip tilling for over twenty years and I have not experienced this good of planting conditions since we have been using the Zonemaster. This unit takes a very eroded strip into a extremely uniform planting strip.

With unpredictable soil conditions in the fall when your building your strips, I can rest assured that with the Zonemaster our strips will be perfect come planting. Your planting unit ride and speed is greatly enhanced with this unit with increased ear count.

This unit is a must if you want to see an added ten to fifteen bushels per acre. At the end of the day we have always put more bushels in the bin without minimizing soil density with strip till."

Matt Ifft - Forrest IL

“I am a representative for six different farm equipment manufacturers in IL and one in IA and I can't say enough of the professionalism and dedication that Vulcan Equipment has given to my organization. I can rely on some of the best quality from their equipment, every time. It is so nice to know that if a problem arises, help is truly one phone call away.

The feedback that I receive on the ZoneMaster is always good because of the job that it is doing for farmers, as well as them realizing there are even more operations that they had not thought about. Such as using Zonemaster instead of a rotary hoe and just forgetting the fall stripping and just strip with the ZoneMaster in the spring, eliminating the problem of washing. What a great product to be representing!”

Chris Steffen - Manufactures Rep, Stoller Inc.