The Strip – Tillage Blog

Hello, and welcome to The Strip-Tillage Blog from Vulcan Equipment! This is a monthly blog focusing on farming practices of all types, but with a focus on strip-tillage. My name is Lincoln Slagel, and I work for Vulcan Equipment, in both the finance and product development departments. This blog is intended to be purely educational on the topic of tillage, focusing on strip-tillage. I recently graduated with a double-major in finance and business management, with a minor in economics. I grew up on the family farm in central Illinois, and have had experience many areas of agriculture since I was old enough to “help” out on the farm. I have attended countless farm shows and conferences and conversed endlessly on the pros and cons of different farming practices. I feel that I have a good base of knowledge, but more importantly, skills in data and finance, as well as advanced research skills. I will do my best to present readers with accurate, unbiased, and interesting numbers and thoughts, as well as my own take on articles published elsewhere, to provide farmers with a useful resource for their farming operation. This resource just may help you decide to take the leap to alter your farming practices in some way. No matter whether it is strip-tillage or not, we want to help farmers make the right decisions for their soil, farm, and pocketbook.  

Thank you, and please email me at with any article suggestions, comments, or concerns.