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Roll Boss

Firm Your Lawn The Right Way With The Roll Boss.

The Roll Boss is a commercial-quality lawn roller built to last. Crafted with 3/16" thick steel and heavy-duty bearings, the Roll Boss can hold 115 gallons of water. There is no lawn roller quite like the Roll Boss.

How It Works

The Roll Boss uses heavy duty steel and a wide base to quickly firm the surface, the top inch or two, of your lawn after seeding. After being filled with water, the Roll Boss will easily firm the surface of even the roughest, toughest lawns without ruining your roller. The Roll Boss will be the best, and most likely the last, lawn roller you will ever buy.


  • Dimensions: 56” wide x 61.25” long
  • 28” diameter x 48” length
  • Tongue is 28.75” long
  • Drum is made from 3/16” thick steel
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • Powder coated black
  • 350 lbs empty, 1,280 lbs full
  • Holds approximately 115 gallons of water
Christie Todd - Lawn Roller

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